Why Your Law Practice Needs a Mobile App

The mobile phone is the most widespread and most rapidly adopted technology of all time. In the past few years, usage has grown dramatically. There are now almost 6 billion active mobile phone subscriptions around the world – almost 84% of the people on Earth have a mobile phone! In 2011 more smartphones were sold than all types of personal computers added together including desktops, laptops, and tablets like the iPad.

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One way for individual attorneys and small law firms to take advantage of the boom in mobile phones is by offering their clients a mobile app. A mobile application (or mobile app) is software designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices.

Most importantly, a mobile app for solo practitioners and small firms can help you increase client loyalty, generate referrals, differentiate your law practice from the competition, and stay on the forefront of this exciting new technology. [Read more…]

80% of Mobile Time is Spent on Apps

Mobile phones are a growing part of everyday life. We get directions, find local businesses, play games, and more. Here are the latest statistics on how Americans use our phones.

  • Accessing maps and directions is the number one mobile activity, followed by social networking, finding local information and reading news (comScore).
  • Mobile searches have quadrupled in the last year (Google).
  • One in seven searches are now mobile and one in three mobile searches are local (Google).
  • After looking up a local business on their smartphone, 61 percent of users call the business and 59 percent visit (Google).
  • 80 per cent of mobile time is spent on apps (Flurry).
  • People are now using more apps than ever, launching 7.9 per day (Flurry).
  • When given a choice, consumers prefer using an app (85%) over a mobile website (Compuware).