Attorney Reviews Boost Business

Client reviews are one of the most valuable factors for building your business. Asking a happy client to write a few words about the quality of your work and the help you provided shows prospects that you are a knowledgeable, credible and trustworthy attorney. Ratings and reviews are the digital equivalent of “word of mouth” referrals and are critical for raising your profile online and helping you stand out from the competition. In fact, 70 percent of consumers say reviews are important to them.

The three best places for attorneys to ask for reviews are on Google, LinkedIn, and Avvo. These sites are committed to including only legitimate reviews, which in turn raises their value to you. On Google, for example, you must write a review from an active established Google account. Someone can’t create an account simply for the purpose of writing a review. These reviews are listed initially, but don’t stay up for long once Google checks the account’s history.

A good review is a valuable gift that just keeps giving. Each time a client writes a review you can republish it on your website and add links to it from your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Legitimately earned client reviews are vital for your firm to gain visibility on search engines and directories. Don’t miss out on this great business booster. Ask your clients to write a favorable review for you.